Jack Black as Wario - Episode 255

This week's episode was recording on 11/15 and it is full of amazing ideas so feel free to listen and poach! In the news we talk about EA's purchase of Respawn, Battlefront II's PR and Metacritic disaster, Super Mario Bro's animated movie, Russian Ministry of Defense uses video game screenshot to prove ISIS and USA collaboration, and GameStop temporarily suspends the PowerPass program. We've been playing Super Mario Odyssey, Blaster Master Zero and The Mummy Demastered. Enjoy!

That's the Other Metal - Episode 254

This week had a couple of technical issues but still ended up with a fun episode. In the news this week we talk about the Castlevania DOOM mod, a bot learning to play Mario Kart on the SNES like a human, Intel and AMD partnership in laptops, El Gato's 4K 60fps capture card, Starcraft II going free to play, Microsoft planning to launch a streaming service, Runic Games shut down, Telltale's layoffs, and the Xbox One X launch. Games we played this week include Mario Galaxy, Dead Space, Popeye, Punch Out, Ghostbusters Pinball, Tapper, Robotron and more. Enjoy!

Reading the Silmarillion - Episode 253

This week we're back to the duo of Dustin and Scott. The news topics we chat about include Spelunky 2, Switch play mode data, Razar's gaming phone, Super Mario Odyssey sells 2 million units in first couple of days, SNES mini's have also sold 2 million units to date, China's PUBG ban citing socialist values as the reason, NBC News blaming the Alt-Right on gamers who use Discord, Polygon complaining about violence in video game advertising, and Gamestop's new PowerPass program seeming very consumer friendly. We've been playing Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Outlast. Enjoy!

Reverse Pickpocket - Episode 252

This week is three of us again! The news topics we cover are Happy Console Gamer interviewing Iga, Super Turrican's Directors Cut will come with the Super NT, Activision's patent to sell microtransactions, loot boxes earning a lot of money, NeoGAF and Naughty Dog's sexual harassment allegations, and we laugh at the notion of "fetish-izing skill". Dustin did play any games but watched Ghost Adventures. Scott beat Cuphead, streamed Haunted: Halloween '86 and fix the hum in his stereo. DB/Josh dusted off the Genesis to beat X-Men. Enjoy!

Morphing into Hank Hill -Episode 251

This week our good friend Josh (DB from Gooch & The Dooshebag Radio) joins us for his first podcast appearance in years. In the news we talk about Cuphead selling 1 million copies in two weeks, IGN buys Humble Bundle, Atlus releases free Shin Megami Tensai metroidvania, Xbox One dashboard update, Sony Music to publish indie games on PC and Switch, EA shutting down Visceral, Analogue NT making a SNES, and thoughts on Star Trek Discovery. We've been playing The Evil Within, Dead Space, Cuphead and Halo 5. Enjoy!

Valparaiso of Football - Episode 250

This week Dustin has a huge announcement! Some of the topics we cover are Ninja Theory raises money for UK Mental Awareness organization, Hulu gets 4 esports shows, Guy beats Cuphead with DDR controller, knowing someone who got a Chicken Dinner in PUBG, console popularity by state since 2004 and a PS3 emulator with 4K has stunning effects. Dustin has been frustrated with the phone game Ellie and Scott is still loving Cuphead.

Everything is Cowbell - Episode 249

It's officially our favorite time of the year. In the news this week we discuss Hawken shutting down, Nioh coming to PC, Sneaking by SEGA QC, new PSVR headset, new speedrun record in NES Baseball, Nintendo restricts live streams, our disagreement with RockPaperShockgun regarding game difficulty, NoClip's excellent The Witcher documentary. Both of us played Hob while Dustin went back and played some Battlefield: Bad Company and Scott started Cuphead. 

Total Songs Scrobbled - Episode 248

This week Dustin talks about always having Halloween webbing with him and Scott picked up some vinyls from 1986. In the news we discuss Halo backwards compatibility with Xbox One, the rumor of Valve working on a 4-player adventure game, more vague details about the Ataribox and a suspension of the Voice Actors strike. Dustin is playing Dead Space and Scott was randomly paired with a real life friend in Rocket League and has also been playing Halo 5 and Hob. 

Cyberist of Punk - Episode 247

This week Dustin is in full hype mode for Halloween and Scott watched the Detroit Tigers lose again this season. In the news this week we chat about Fornite accidentally ebables PS4 and Xbox cross play, Valve working on review bombing, a Mario 64 multiplayer rom hack, Final Fantasy III patch, Tomb Raider poster neck, 8bitdo's Switch pro controller available for pre-order, and Golf tribute to Iwata.  Dustin recommends some horror podcasts and Scott played a little of Halo 5, Van Helsing, 36 fragments to midnight, and Lightspeer. Enjoy!

Silicon Valley Hive Mind - Episode 246

ep 246 thumbnail.png

This week is packed with news and listener feedback! Some of the topics include Castlevania Chronicles, Cyberpunk 2077's size, Paprium Delayed by Paypal, Henshin Enginger TurboGrafx 16 homebrew game, DOOM coming to Switch, Eve Online's biggest betrayal of all time, New Street Fighter 2 cart a fire hazard, Starfox 2 design documents, Campo Santo's reaction to PewDiePie's N-bomb, and Netflix's Final Fantasy XIV show, Nintendo making more SNES and NES Classics, and Round 3 of the Retro League tournament for 1992's best game. Since our last episode we've played some Chrono Trigger, Sonic Mania, Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo), and a tiny bit of Final Fantasy IV. 

Intro Music: Ben Landis - Through The Forest
Outro Music: Trash80 - Divided Skies