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Glass City Con IV [2014] Podcast

Josh, Tony and Scott have a special podcast from Glass City Con 2014! It was amazing to meet so many cool people and get to hang out. We hope you enjoy this mini episode where we discuss Destiny's Alpha, Hearthstone, Super Mario on the SNES, and the super rare Primal Rage 2 Arcade Cabinet. Enjoy!

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Choose the Holodeck - Episode 114

Mike from the Cartoon Retrocast joins us for a great episode! We end up talking about being gaming dads, holodecks, and E3. We've been playing a huge range of systems; SNES, PS1, PS4, PC, Wii U and more. Mike found some great gaming deals and has been playing Shovel Knight. Dustin has been playing a variety of retro games on different platforms and gives his thoughts on Watch Dogs. Josh is loving Diablo 3 so much it's taking away from Wildstar. Scott beat and loved Shovel Knight.

Grape-Nuts & Budweiser - Episode 113

This week we discuss our hopes for E3 and our impressions of Transistor. Josh did a Warrior Dash and is committed to Wildstar. Dustin is back to school and playing a ton of PS4. Scott is disappointed with his friends Star Wars music knowledge and has been playing a lot of retro games. We also talk about Mario Kart 8,  Forza Horizon 2, Halo 5 and more! 

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Episode 112 - Retro Game 401K

Dustin is back for a full episode! He's been on an awesome retro rampage and got a PS4. Josh is finally having some good luck and has been nerding out on MMOs. Scott got into the Heroes of the Storm technical alpha and talks about some retro gaming too. 

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Episode 111 - Bombin' in the PM with Scoops

We really did it this time... check out our interview with Patrick Klepek of Giant Bomb! It was a blast to have him on the show and during the interview you'll hear about his background in games, insight into his PAX East presentation, breaking stories, and more. 

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Episode 110 - The Tale of Pier Solar HD

We have an AMAZING interview with Tulio Goncalves, President of Watermelon Games. He tells us about the incredible history behind Pier Solar! We miss Dustin for the second half of the episode. Josh gets a new car and avoids falling to his death. Scott has been obsessed with hearthstone and spent too much money. We discuss South Park, Diablo III, Castlevania and much more!

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