R Rated Hackers - Episode 242

It was short week for us but we still found plenty to discuss. Some of the topics include the AM2R developer hired by Moon Studios, Karate Kid series on YouTube Red, hidden mode found in Mario Kart Wii, DOTA International beginner's guide, music on Genesis hardware, and Sonic in Hebrew. Dustin has been playing Super Mario 3D World and Watch Dogs 2 while Scott is enjoying Pyre and played some Sunset Riders on SNES. Enjoy!

The Roadies of YouTube - Episode 241

This week was long for both of us so it was awesome to have the podcast! In the news we talk about the LDC Zapper project, New Super Mario Galaxy 2 levels being made by the mod community, The Switch is getting some Resident Evil ports, Bayonetta "free*" with month with Xbox Live, PSN has good "free*" games too, new episode of Annotated Symphony of the night, Super Mario Bros sells for #30,000, and we ponder the games we'd spend the most to have. Enjoy!

Not Even a Gundam - Episode 240

We are back after a break last week. Dustin's one month into learning Japanese and Scott talks about a huge flood that hit his town. Some of the news topics we discuss include Nine Inch Nail's Polybius video, Radiohead's ZX Spectrum Easter Egg, Oculus $200 stand alone headset in 2018, Famicom Disk System Flashcart, Pyre was released, John Romero was the DOOM Marine model, Axiom Verge coming to The Switch, Ready Player One's trailer not well received. Dustin has been playing Turbo Duo games and Scott got to try Splatoon and play some Diddy's Kong Quest. 

Want Rain Drop Drink - Episode 239

This week was a bit light in the news but some of the topics we cover are Castlevania on Netflix, Valve banning 40,000 cheaters, Xbox one "gifting" to a friend, Owlboy developers leave some glitches in game for speedrunners and Mega Man Maker. Dustin has been playing Ys Books 1 & 2 and Shuikoden. Scott played Overcooked, Cave Story and some Castlevania. 

Monkey with a Rifle - Episode 238

Dustin's Summerween went off without a hitch and Scott tries to convince Dustin to try the new Planet of the Apes movies. News topics for this week include Zelda DLC, Rayman's SNES Prototype available to download, Namco's Museum on Switch, Cuphead not coming to PS4, Diablo 3's Rise of the Necromancer is available, The Gaming Historian Bluray, and a new SNES mouse from Hyperkin. Dustin watched Resident Evil: Vendetta and Scott has been playing GI Joe on the NES. Enjoy!

But It Feels Off - Episode 237

This week Dustin gets Halloween & the 4th of July this weekend and Scott talk about a Tony Award winner from his hometown. Some of the news topics we talk about include No Clip's (Danny O'Dwyer) Final Fantasy XIV Documentary, the SNES Mini Classic lineup, Alex Mauer's abuse of YouTube's DMCA function, Dan Rykert of Giant Bomb being the first to be married at a Taco Bell, and more. Enjoy!

Sonic Awareness Month - Episode 236

This week we notice that our audience growing in Japan, France, and Germany! We aren't sure why are very excited. New topics include SEGA Forever, Shadow of the Tomb Raider confirmed?, Blizzard looks to be remastering Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3, Pixel Shinobi, PlayStation PartyLink, SNES controllers for the Switch from 8bitdo, Nintendo switch 3.0. Dustin in on a quest to get the platinum trophy in Resident Evil 7 and Scott figures out more about Might Gunvolt Burst and likes Tokyo 42. Enjoy!

Waiting on KitchenAid - Episode 235

This week was E3 2017 and we cherry picked some highlights to discuss. Also, Quake's soundtrack by Trent Reznor is getting a vinyl release. Dustin is hooked on Resident Evil 7. Scott is trying Lineage OS 14.1 and played Rocket Knight Adventures, FIFA 2014 for free on Xbox and Mighty Gunvolt Burst. Enjoy!

Blue Shirt Memo - Episode 234

This week Scott's voice is 90% back is horrified by the thought of prom-posals. In the news we discuss the documentary Not For Resale, Breaking Bad in VR, Ars Technica's deep dive into Xbox One usage, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, and updates on Nintendo's online program. Dustin has been playing Resident Evil 7 and Castlevania II on the Gameboy while Scott has been Super Mario Land on the Gameboy and Archery King on a tablet. Enjoy!

Common Law Incorporated- Episode 233

This week Dustin's son gets him into video game traps and Scott had a good time at the Indy 500. Some of the news items include Pyre's release date, Tokyo 42's early reviews are very positive, Twitch playing the stock market with $50,000, Steam Direct's fee, Far Cry 5 trailer, and Star Trek Bridge Crew being well received. Dustin has been playing Sonic Advance and Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge while Scott tried Halo 5 with the Xbox Game Pass. Enjoy!