Presidential Gundam - Episode 296

Presidential Gundam - Episode 296

This week Dustin beat a game for the second week in a row while Scott discovered Harmy's Despecialized Star Wars. In the news we talk the full TurboGrafx 16 Mini lineup, PS5 Patent details VR Headset, a new Switch Model improving battery life, Gamestop will have physical copies of Metal Wolf Chaos XD, Detective Pikachu usurps Warcraft and Yuzo Koshiro finally confirmed for Streets of Rage 4. Dustin played Silent Hill 2 and Scott played Blazing Chrome. Enjoy!

Bath Water Black Market - Episode 295

Bath Water Black Market - Episode 295

This week we laugh over the fact that bath water seems to be more valuable than ideas nowadays. In the news this week we talk about the Nintendo Switch Lite, a $60,000 pokemon card, Cuphead coming to Netflix, a music station from Korg on Switch, and Google DeepMind lurking on the StartCraft II ladder. Dustin has been playing Simon’s Quest a lot and Scott talks about Stranger Things Season 3 and Monster Boy on Switch. Enjoy!

White Hair in the 80s - Episode 294

White Hair in the 80s - Episode 294

This week was pretty normal for us outside of the podcast. In the news we talk about the PS5 fast load patent, ActRaiser’s spiritual successor SolSeraph, Remedy getting the right back to Alan Wake, Sony buying Remedy rumors, the gaming console makers write letter warning of tariffs, Epic’s refunding of Shenmue 3 backers and a new Evil Dead game is in the works. Dustin played a lot of Castlevania while Scott finish Cadence of Hyrule and is liking into Mario Maker 2. Enjoy!

These Breaking Weapons - Episode 293

Obviously is more Keanews but there is a lot of other news to cover as well. Some of the topics covered include Xbox Scarlett backwards compatibility, David Barascheski’s Gamecube/Wii portable, Mike Pondsmith isn’t playing identity politics, Breath of the Wild 2’s start, Wario Ecstasy and Elite Dangerous photos are amazing. Dustin has been playing Sonic Forces and Bloodstained while Scott played Gradius III’s new rom, Monster Boy on Switch, Cadence of Hyrule, and the Contra Collection. Enjoy!

Respawn Wall Running - Episode 292

This week is heavy on Keanu Reeves news, which is fun for everyone. Also in the news we touch a little on E3 2019, a new Contra game, TurboGrafx16 mini, Teslas playing Cuphead, Shenmue 3 delayed, PS 5 backwards compatibility news, and the curse of digital media. Dustin has been playing Spec Ops the Line while Scott played Contra anniversary collection. Enjoy!

Defenders of Joy - Episode 291

This week we talk a little John Wick 3 (no spoilers) on top of the normal gaming news. This episode was recorded two weeks prior to publishing so the news is a little outdated. That being said we cover Gradius 3 working on a SA-1 chip cart thanks to Voultar, Todd McFarlane’s return to Spawn for 300, John Wick writer making Just Cause movie, Brothers: A Tale of Two sons coming to swtich, Xbox Fighting Toxicity, Gamecube Mini, and Sony hiring Microsoft for cloud gaming infrastructure. We both played the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. Enjoy!

Professionally Useless - Episode 290

This week Scott’s keyboard went wonky so that was fun! In the news we talk about an update to Gradius III to fix the frame rate, Bloodstained gets a release date, Intellevision’s Amico, Earthworm Jim Amico exclusive, New Gaming segmentation and Retro RGB’s article on a YPbPr. Dustin has been playing Sekiro, Metal Warriors and Scott finally bought Nier Automata. Enjoy!

The Movie They Deserve - Episode 289

This week is the ol’ for Dustin and Scott’s dancing is critiqued. In the news we talk about Epic Games acquiring makers of Rocket League, Sonic movie trailer, Shovel Knight is actually 3D, Microsoft hits $1 Trillion in value, Breath of the Wild’s first person mod, The Dark Room removed from The Switch and hidden music tracks. Dustin played a lot more Sekiro while Scott played Nier Automata, Blaster Master Zero 2 and Mario Tennis Online Demo. Enjoy!

Nintendo Power Vacuum - Episode 288

This week Scott gives corrections from last week’s PS5 talk and Dustin is high Sekiro. In the news this week we discuss Famitsu’s readers ranking their top-20 games from the last twenty years, Ys IX releases in Japan in September 28, Half Life 2 mod turns it into Titanfall 2, Nintendo removes DS to WiiU from it’s website, Gaming Historian’s video on the Hot Seat and Nintendo crushes the dreams of a C64 mod. Dustin has been playing Sekiro and Scott has been playing Tetris 99, Cuphead, and more Doki doki panic. Enjoy!

Kid Dracula is Trending - Episode 287

This week Dustin couldn’t believe that Kid Dracula was trending on Twitter and Scott complains about YouTube changes. In the news we talk about an emulator mod for bsnes that makes Mode 7 games look fantastic, the Xbox One SAD (S All-Digital), PS5 rumors, the final list of the Castlevania Collection and more games revealed for the Sega Mini. Dustin has been playing Alan Wake and using his Retro Tink while Scott just played a little Rocket League and Doki Doki Panic. Enjoy!