A-positive: Bloodborne Impressions


Lets be blunt,  Bloodborne is a "Souls" type game. So much so in fact, that I may  just start calling it Bloodsouls.

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls introduced their mechanics to players somewhat slowly, via a well paced tutorial section. Similarly Bloodsouls contains a tutorial area, however, it is in no way slowly paced nor easy. Within the first 30 minutes you are placed before a gauntlet of enemies, unable to increase your character's level until you arrive at the game's first boss fight. 

In being unable to level my character stats  I was forced to become a better player. I was unable to rely on "grinding levels" as a brute force path to victory. Eventually, I arrived at before Bloodsouls's first boss. A most heinous fight broke out, in which I was defeated. After which I was granted the ability to level my character's attributes, fight my way through the gauntlet, and fight the boss again. 

Eventually I was able to take down the game's first boss, and am currently working on my strategy for defeating the Bloodsouls's  third boss.



I would equate playing Bloodsouls's to that of learning to play a musical instrument. Some people can pick it up with ease. Others have to try and try again. With practice eventually something clicks, and it all makes sense. The love (obsession) settles in, or decide it's not for you.

Bloodsouls isn't for everyone, but it is a game that everyone should try. I am not an expert souls player, and find Bloodsouls to be very challenging. That being said, it makes even the smallest victories feel like huge accomplishments.