♪ Have you heard?
2 Mello

I enjoy video games and hip-hop. Individually both are great forms of entertainment. When combined, the two form a peanut-buttery chocolate audio treat. Composer, producer, and engineer,  2 Mello skillfully mixes together old school hip-hop lyrics and classic video game sound tracks.

I discovered 2 Mello while searching for chip-tune music. I stumbled across a Polygon article that mentioned an MC from Lexington, KY who overlayed Jay-z Lyrics on top of Chrono Trigger samples. After listening to the Chrono Jigga album I proceeded to download the rest of 2 Mello's work from his bandcamp page.

2 Mello's work is fantastic. This is not the work of a guy simply mixing together tracks in Audacity. This is the work of a true musician. Someone that has real passion for gaming and music.

I highly recommend giving his work a listen if you are into hip-hop, especially his Final Fantasy - The 3-6 Chambers album.

Check out 2 Mello: