Reading the Silmarillion - Episode 253

ep 253 thumbnail_1.png

This week we're back to the duo of Dustin and Scott. The news topics we chat about include Spelunky 2, Switch play mode data, Razor's gaming phone, Super Mario Odyssey sells 2 million units in first couple of days, SNES mini's have also sold 2 million units to date, China's PUBG ban citing socialist values as the reason, NBC News blaming the Alt-Right on gamers who use Discord, Polygon complaining about violence in video game advertising, and Gamestop's new PowerPass program seeming very consumer friendly. We've been playing Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Outlast. Enjoy!

Intro Music: Ben Landis - Through The Forest
Outro Music: Tri Angles - The River (ft Slattery)