Not Even a Gundam - Episode 240

We are back after a break last week. Dustin's one month into learning Japanese and Scott talks about a huge flood that hit his town. Some of the news topics we discuss include Nine Inch Nail's Polybius video, Radiohead's ZX Spectrum Easter Egg, Oculus $200 stand alone headset in 2018, Famicom Disk System Flashcart, Pyre was released, John Romero was the DOOM Marine model, Axiom Verge coming to The Switch, Ready Player One's trailer not well received. Dustin has been playing Turbo Duo games and Scott got to try Splatoon and play some Diddy's Kong Quest. 

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YouTube Channel of the Week: Luke Morse

Nine Inch Nails - Less Than

Radiohead ZX Spectrum

Oculus $200 standalone

Famicom Disk System Flashcart

Pyre Release

DOOM Marine is John Romero

Intro Music: Ben Landis - Through The Forest
Outro Music: Ian Hinck - War