Kill Them With Flexing - Episode 260

ep 260.png

This week Dustin can play vinyl, Scott sold his PS VR and DB forgot his PIN! Some of the gaming news discusses includes the Xbox One Kinect adapter officially discontinued, Nintendo removes Golf from Switch firmware, HD Retrovision's PlayStation adapter journey, Sonic mod in Breath of the Wild, Owlboy getting physical releases and Nintendo delayed the 64GB cart. Some of the games we played are Super Castlevania 4, Popful Mail, Wind Waker, I am Setsuna, Danmaku Unlimited 3, Sonic Forces, Castlevania Chronicles, Tiny Barbarian, Samus Returns, Emily is Away Too, and Mass Effect Andromeda. Enjoy!

Intro Music: Ben Landis - Through The Forest
Outro Music: Impulses - Dark Waters