Bonus Episode: The First Sonic Cart

bonus sonic cart.png

We hope you enjoy this little bonus. It's a bit of a look behind the scenes of us recording an episode. We tried something a little different and set the entire discussion to awesome chip tune cover songs found on

! All tracks are FREE and linked below for download.

Well... to be honest... its only a bonus episode because most of the segments had technical issues and the recordings are lost. Luckily we did capture a good 30 minute chat between Scott, Gooch, Vognasty and Critical Failure so it's better than nothing! We enjoyed the comments from Episode 74 so much that we didn't think we could have an official Episode 75 without a segment on them.

Enjoy the music and download it all!

In Order of Appearance:

Derris Kharlan: Metroid Medley

WHITELY: Anamanaguchi – AnotherWinter (Cover)

hpizzle: Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone(Cover)

raptorface: Chrono Trigger Corridors ofTime (Cover)

FearofDark: Super Mario Galaxy – APurple Comet (Cover)

Dr. Zilog: MGMT – Kids (Cover)

Nestrogen: Paul Simon – You Can CallMe Al (Cover)

phase_terminale: Duck Tales Moon Level (Cover)


FatalExceptionID: Warren G and NateDogg – Regulate (Cover)

Download MP3