Episode 81 – Skywalkin' with Richie Branson

This week as Scott hosts he is joined by Vognasty and Gooch (who are extra pumped and clever). Richie Branson himself stops by to talk about his new mixtape The Cole Republic! Vognasty is leads the way with news, Scott got a 3DS, Gooch is debating what new handheld to get, we talk about our new YouTube show called Max HP and more!

Question of the week:

Will Nintendo get DLC right?

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Richie Branson - The Cold Republic -


Active Duty Marine develops video game

Magical Game Factory now open

Floppy Drive music is awesome

New trailer for Far Cry 3

Music (written permission granted):

Richie Branson –

The Cold Republic

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Tracks Featured (In Order of Appearance)

Emmitt Sith

Looking for a Group

Cypher Agent Cypher


Greenleo – The Heroes


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