Episode 85 - Standing While Playing Games

This week we have an extended episode were we talk about a lot of gaming news with the Orbis rumors, Fez being released on Friday the 13th, Mass Effect 3 Redux, and more. Gooch shows his excellent MacGuyvering skills, Dustin talks about even more Playstation Plus Perks,  and Scott turned his office into a retro game room. We had a good time with this one, please leave a comment and let us know what you think of the music!


Twin Sword Trading




Pixel Nation


Nintendo Life Pixel Nation Press Release

Visit to Video Game Exhibit at Smithsonian

Nintendo Repair Shop


Music (In Order of Appearance): 

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Ben Landis - Through the Forest

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Adventures in Pixels!

We Are The Future - The Girl Oceanic

Nordloef - The Ugliest Boy In the Class (Live BlipFest 08)

Kubbi - Tidal Force

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