Episode 87 - Koopa Skateboard Mind Blown

This week we were light on news but talk our favorite “Greatest” moments in gaming while looking at a list from


.  Gooch feels Rick Rolled by Bioware with the ending of Mass Effect 3, so there are a lot of spoilers starting around 45 minutes into the episode.  Dustin and Scott played the Ghost Recon Beta, it looks like everyone is getting Diablo 3 and a lot more. 


NintendoEverything.com's 250 Greatest Gaming Moments

Mario Tennis and New Super Mario 2 3DS


Intro - 

Ben Landis - Through the Forest

Make sure you check out Ben's Comic AND Chiptune Album: 

Adventures in Pixels!

Outro - Auxcide -

[Benny Benassi] - Cinema (Skrillex Remix) LSDJ x2 Remix

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