Episode 92 - Hiatus Ends With a Disasterpeace

We are back from a small hiatus to bring you a fantastic interview with Disasterpeace! He’s the artist responsible for numerous indie game soundtracks such as Shoot Many Robots and FEZ. Tony makes a return!  Josh, Scott and Dustin were all on vacation and end up with some funny stories. Dustin admits he was being a Castlevania fanboy and is eager for the LoS 3DS title, Gooch talks about Dragon’s Dogma and starbucks, and Scott finally has a PS3 and gives his thoughts on PSN Plus and 3D Dot Game Heroes



Rich Vreeland

Twitter: @Disasterpeace

Shoot Many Robots Soundtrack

FEZ Soundtrack

DJ Cutman - X Complex

SonyBuys Gaikai for $380 Million



Intro -

Ben Landis - Through the Forest

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