Episode 100 - Casual Friday Everyday

Four freaking hours of Josh, Dustin, and Scott podcasting to celebrate our 100th episode! We talk about what we're looking forward to in the PS4 and discuss the new DUCKTALES game! Why has it been so long since we recorded? 


...Josh wen to Lego Land! Scott built a new PC. Dustin is finishing school, but still found the time to be an awesome Dad and play some games. In the last two months we've played some new games like BioShock Infinite, 

Tomb Raider, Demon Soul, Dark Souls, 10,000,000, Star Craft 2 and more. Our retro talk discusses fun with

Mega Man 1,2,6 and 7, Kirby's Adventure, Super C, Castlevania, and more. Oh Yeah... Scott Pilgrim's co-op DLC is broken, jerks! We hope you enjoy this four hour cast!

Photo: Lego Ducktales - by Turoel via deviantart