Episode 104 – Just The Tip of DOTA2

We all miss Ryan Davis of GiantBomb. Dustin and Scott met up in Nashville. Josh inadvertently lies to his son about grilling at home. Indie Game: The Special Edition is out! Steam Summer Sale wasn’t as exciting as recent years, but we still picked up some games. Dustin is the most skilled retro gamer on the show and Scott has picked up a few NES classic carts. A line has been drawn in the MOBA sand between Scott and Josh. We talk tons of retro, current and future gaming. Enjoy!

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Giant Bombcast November 22, 2011

Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition

FEZ II Canceled

EconTalk Podcast with Valve Economist, Yanis Varoufakis

Intro Music:

Outro: Mega Man 2 - Metal Man Stage