nintendo power

Wreck The Mind's Eye - Episode 194

The week starts off with Scott making an impulse pre-order for a NES clone and ends with Dustin realizing the foam in his Snatcher case is worth more than most other games. No Man's Sky is finally released, Nintendo (fairly, but unsurprisingly) shut down both Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R) and the Nintendo Power archive project at Plus, thanks to Duhmez we have a nice chat about the difference between Castlevania on the NES and MSX. Enjoy!

John Wick of Video Games - Episode 193

It was a light week of news and gaming for Dustin and Scott so thanks to Emails, YouTube comments and Twitch chat it was still a fun episode. The first 13 years of Nintendo Power has appeared on, Blizzard was hit with DDoS attacks possibly as backlash for their latest sweep of bans for cheaters, a man paid $1,300 for a leaked copy of No Man Sky and we can't understand why, a Vita exploit was finally found and more! Enjoy!