awesome games done quick

Internet Hard Mode - Episode 215

Don't listen to us, we don't know how to count. Despite what we say it's episode 2015. This week we take a few minutes to talk about our favorite games played in 2016. The news was heavy on Nintendo Swith but we also talked about Awesome Games Done Quick raising $2.2 million to help fight cancer, Steam's Beta allowing users to move games to new folders seamlessly, Gabe Newell being extremely wealthy and a nice article from Evan Narcisse about his daughter and Super Heroes. Dustin completely forgot about a game and continues to play both Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Ratchet & Clank. Scott started Hitman, overclocked his PC again and is still loving Picross. Enjoy!

The ARRRR Button - Episode 161

This week Dustin and Scott are bummed to hear about Classic Game Room but are excited that they were able to get our podcast into Google Play.  We talk about the Nintendo PlayStaion working, the game Emily is Away, Hearthstone's new expansion and Awesome Games Done Quick. For some reason Dustin is playing Kane and Lynch while Scott was all over the place with games. Enjoy!