forza horizon 3

Gamelon on the MRI - Episode 216

This week Dustin forgets about a concert and Scott is drowning in the scent of Lavender. News topics we talk about this week are Nintendo Switch's sales projections, I am Setsuna being a Switch Launch title, how SD cards work, and Starcade coming back. Dustin has been playing Resident Evil 7, Deus Ex Mankind Divided while Scott has been playing JAWS, Mega Man 3 and enjoying personal music in Forza Horizon 3. Enjoy!

Cubs Fans of Video Games - Episode 209

This week Dustin is just relaxing Scott talks about trying out sous vide cooking. Some of the topics for this week are Mike Matei from Cinemassacre illustrating the intro to TMNT with Mario Paint, The Game Awards sound issues, Shovel Knight's Prequel, The Last Guardian's initial reviews, Will Ferrell staring in an eSports movie, the Last of Us 2 announcement, Gundam Side Story 0079, Castle of Illusion HD, Sonic Adventure, Forza Horizon 3, 1943 on NES, Mickey Mousecapade and more! Enjoy!

A Johnny 5 Head - Episode 208

This week Dustin goes off on why he is disappointed with Soma and Scott talks about singing over video game music as a kid. It was very light in news but we had a blast talking about games like Super Mario 64, Crime Killer, Darkwatch, Van Helsing (underrated game), Sonic Adventure, Resistance: Retribution, VR Worlds, Roger Clemens MVP Baseball, Megaman Legacy Collection, Fora Horizon 3 and we throw some stories about the military and grade school. Enjoy!