Karate Kicking Doors - Episode 217

This week we are joined by our friend John Dahl and had a lot of fun! Some of the news from this episode is announcement of The Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics, Masaya Nakamura (Namco Founder) passing away, Ori's developer talking about Project Scorpio, Yooka Layle going gold and Megaman 2.5 is out of Beta. Some of the games discussed are HAUNTED: Halloween 86, Double Dragon IV, Bioshock Infinite, Ratchet & Clank, RC Pro-Am, and Forza Horizon 3. Enjoy!

Intro Music: Ben Landis - Through The Forest
Outro Music: AYO//SHUTDUFF - Starcade

The Pride of Long Island - Episode 147

Colin Moriarty stops by for an interview to chat about Kinda Funny, his professional background, writing FAQs and much more! The interview starts at 5 minutes into the episode. After the interview Dustin and Scott  go into a little bit of news about Destiny and Windows 10. We've been playing both modern and retro games since the last episode and have some great listener mail to discuss at the end. Enjoy!

Episode 111 - Bombin' in the PM with Scoops

Episode 111 - Bombin' in the PM with Scoops

We really did it this time... check out our interview with Patrick Klepek of Giant Bomb! It was a blast to have him on the show and during the interview you'll hear about his background in games, insight into his PAX East presentation, breaking stories, and more. 

Episode 110 - The Tale of Pier Solar HD

Episode 110 - The Tale of Pier Solar HD

Dustin is back for a full episode! He's been on an awesome retro rampage and got a PS4. Josh is finally having some good luck and has been nerding out on MMOs. Scott got into the Heroes of the Storm technical alpha and talks about some retro gaming too. 

Episode 82 - _ensnare_

Scott and Vognasty have an amazing interview with Paul Taylor, aka _ensnare_, of Mode 7 Games! Scott needs to pay more attention when he buys things in the 3DS eShop. Vognasty has concerns about playing DDR for 24 hours. Disney Channel trolling is showing up in a tablet review, sweet! We also cover news, games we've been playing, and some fantastic mail!

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n order of appearance:

_ensnare_ - Sensible (Album: Carrier Rush)

nervous test pilot 


 Concentrate (Frozen Synapse OST)

_ensnare_ - Ask Me Anything (Album: Binary Opposition)

_ensnare_ - Top Five Control (Album: Impeccable Micro)

_ensnare_ - All roads lead to ROM (Binary Opposition)


_ensnare_ Music: 

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Frozen Synapse 

New Kingdoms of Amalur DLC 

The Game Chaser Season 2 Episode 1

Kitty McScratch 

PC Gamer Blizzard Dispute

PC Gamer Blizzard vs Valve

twitter: @classicL337

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Episode 64 - N64 and Madden 2012 Interview!

This Week:

* Interview with Mike Young, Creative Director Madden 12

* PS3 NFL Ticket Discussion

* Some N64 Talk!

* Tony and DB talk about MastsiraCon



J2Games Deal of the Week: Madden 64


MatsiraCon 2011


RinryGameGame - How Tough are NES Games?


NFL Ticket on PS3

* Outro Music:

Derris Kharlan - My First LSDJ



Skewed 'n Reviewed

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Episode 28 - Awesome Video Games!

This Week:

* Interview with Fraser from FarFromSubtle

* NBA Jam/EA crushing retro gamers' spirits

* Contest for a free game!!! Listen for Details


* FarFromSubtle:




* Lord of the Rings:

War in the North

* IGN Editor:

Why don't we finish our games?

* Outro Song: Greenleo -

Dave and Sandy's Song

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Episode 25 - Super Meat Boy!


* Interview with Team Meat!

Edmund McMillen & Tommy Refenes


* Super Meat Boy:




* Danny Baranowsky:

dB soundworks


Gooch and The Dooshebag Radio


Classic L337 Youtube!

* Deal of the Week: Super Meat Boy $10 until 11/1/2010

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