Waiting on KitchenAid - Episode 235

This week was E3 2017 and we cherry picked some highlights to discuss. Also, Quake's soundtrack by Trent Reznor is getting a vinyl release. Dustin is hooked on Resident Evil 7. Scott is trying Lineage OS 14.1 and played Rocket Knight Adventures, FIFA 2014 for free on Xbox and Mighty Gunvolt Burst. Enjoy!

Game of the Year 2015 - Episode 165

It's time for our annual Game of the Year episode! We talk about our favorite games released in 2015, the games we wished we played and some old games that stood out to us. Before we chat about our favorites from the year we discuss Kojima's new studio and partnership with Sony, Mario Maker's Update, Super Mario 3 on the PC, Rocket League's financial success, a Dad being immortalized in Grimm Dawn and more! Enjoy!