Right Beside Duckburg - Episode 132

Dustin, Josh and Scott are surprised at the Star Citizen installation size. We also discuss other news items such as F-Zero on the Genesis,  Zelda in Minecraft, Rockband 4 announced, Hearthstone turns one and more! Games we've been playing include Rogue Legacy, Shovel Knight, Fantasy Life, Majora's Mask, Last of Us Remastered plus a few others. Enjoy!

Google's DeepMind - Episode 130

Josh, Dustin and Scott gather to talk about this week's gaming news and discuss what we've been playing. Topics we cover include Driveclub's Free Version for PS+ being uncertain, the return of Ducktales, Mystic Quest is getting HD-ified, Google's DeepMind playing Atari, POWER/RANGERS and the Video Game Hall of Fame.  We've been playing Resident Evil, Fantasy Life, Rogue Legacy, Monster Hunter 4, Jazz Punk and more! Enjoy!