rocket league

Roller Coasters Melting - Episode 204

This week Dustin shows his culinary side and Scott remembers enjoying Roald Dahl books. We talk about No Clip's first documentary on Rocket League, Lion King's issues on Genesis, Wii U production stopping, the phallic gun in Shadow of the Damned, Battlecorps, Monster in my Pocket, TMNT IIon the NES versus TMNT IV on SNES, and more! Enjoy!

Jetsons Technology - Episode 153

This week Dustin and Scott change things up a little and talk about what we've been playing before getting into this week's news. We aren't quite sure how to take the delay of Mighty No. 9's delayed demo. We also chat about The Washington Post's article about Mario Maker, PlayStation dropping Facebook, Rocket League on minimum graphics, more Metal Gear, Super Mario Maker, Vita games and more!