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The Lesser Belmonts - Episode 267

This week our buddy Xearrik is famous, Dustin is imaging computers and Scott saw the third Thor. In gaming news we talk about Fortnite coming to iOS and being cross-platform, Twitch Prime giving away PC games, Nintendo Direct, Mega Drive/Genesis collection coming to PS4, Xbox One (with a cool trailer), and DOTA 2 adding a subscription with AI-based coaching. Dustin played Castlevania (obviously) and Scott finished Halo 5's campaign and also played some Creepy Brawlers for NES. 

Genesis Attitude - Episode 201

This week Dustin gets in depth with Silent Hill and Scott is blown away by the sound in Castlevania III for Famicom. This week we chat about 505 Game publishing Bloodstained, Google's October 4th press conference, other people's impressions of PS VR, Mini Famicom, Twitch Prime, changing names, Knock Knock being a terrible movie, and the new Turbo Grafx CD game Henshin Engine. Dustin has been playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Silent Hill while Scott has been getting into Mega Man 3, Aragami, Dead Space, and a fussy Famicom Disk System.