zelda delayed

Pepper Spray Grenades - Episode 206

This week Scott talks about living in the future and Dustin explains crowd control. Some of the news topics covered are the NES Classic Shortage, Nintendo Switch price rumors, Mario Run's release date, PSN possibly allowing name changes, Zelda Breath of the Wild being delayed and Conan's hilarious video with Elijah Wood playing Final Fantasy XV. We've both been playing some Sonic and Scott also played Owlboy and Heroes of the Storm. Enjoy!

Walking Pneumonia - Episode 180

This week was our most unprepared episode in a long time but was still a lot of fun. We talk about Nintendo selling their 55% stake in the Seattle Mariners, Zelda being delayed until 2017, Rocket League's basketball mode, ecto cooler plus a lot of talk of being a teenager in the 90s. Enjoy!