Cyberist of Punk - Episode 247

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This week Dustin is in full hype mode for Halloween and Scott watched the Detroit Tigers lose again this season. In the news this week we chat about Fornite accidentally enables PS4 and Xbox cross play, Valve working on review bombing, a Mario 64 multiplayer rom hack, Final Fantasy III patch, Tomb Raider poster neck, 8bitdo's Switch pro controller available for pre-order, and Golf tribute to Iwata.  Dustin recommends some horror podcasts and Scott played a little of Halo 5, Van Helsing, 36 fragments to midnight, and Lightspeer. Enjoy!

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YouTube Channel of the Week: John's Arcade | Journey Restore

Fornite Cross Play

Valve Review Bombing

Tomb Raider Neck

8bitdo Switch Pro Controller

Intro Music: Ben Landis - Through The Forest
Outro Music: they/them - Nouvelle