Total Songs Scrobbled - Episode 248

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This week Dustin talks about always having Halloween webbing with him and Scott picked up some vinyls from 1986. In the news we discuss Halo backwards compatibility with Xbox One, the rumor of Valve working on a 4-player adventure game, more vague details about the Ataribox and a suspension of the Voice Actors strike. Dustin is playing Dead Space and Scott was randomly paired with a real life friend in Rocket League and has also been playing Halo 5 and Hob. 

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YouTube Channel of the week: John Learned - Annotated SotN 17

Halo 4 on Xbox One

RUMOR: Valve 4-player adventure

Ataribox new but vague details

Voice actors strike suspended

Intro Music: Ben Landis - Through The Forest
Outro Music: Waveshaper - 16 Bit Computer