Episode 89 - 1 More Castle

A new Retro Gaming is coming...


. Co-Founders Andrew Carreiro and Eric Bailey (Nintendo Legend) stop by to fill us in on the next great gaming site. Scott has been playing a lot of Diablo, but had some issues buying it. Dustin fills Scott in on the potential of EA's service called Origin. Max Payne 3 has been a let down, but how much? We talk about some games we love that most people hate, and preview a little Sonic 4 Episode 2. 

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EA Origin Waives 90-day Distribution Fee for Kickstarter

Twin Sword Trading Contest at 8Bit Girls's site!

Twin Sword Trading

Hauppauge Colossus Review

Nintendo Legend Jurassic Park



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Intro - 

Ben Landis - Through the Forest

Interview Buffer: Ben Landis - Credit Music for an 8-bit RPG

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Adventures in Pixels!

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Roboctopus - "All Outa Bubblegum". From the album Victory Lapse

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