Episode 90 - Click Click Click, A-

This week we start off with some amazing listener comments that lead to our E3 2012 wishlist, discussing that the Sega library should be on Roku, rebuying games, and more. Gooch is back to talk about Diablo with Scott, the game is awesome. Dustin reviews Ghost Recon Future Solider and gives his thoughts on Castlevania 3DS. Humble Bundle V might be the best yet and we've have a cool announcement about YouTube. 


1UP-Diablo III Review

Diablo III is fastest selling PC game ever

Buying Games on Steam

GamersGate Void

Roboctopus - All Ooutta Bubblegum




Intro - 

Ben Landis - Through the Forest

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Richie Branson - Bring Back Toonami

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