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Double Cross Draw - Episode 281

This week Dustin starts us off with some Halloween rave lights and Scott talks about the horrors of an allergy test. In the news we talk about Filip Miciun's failed apology video after being fired for IGN for plagiarism, Filip's additional pieces of plagiarism get all of his work removed from IGN, Bethesda's bad look with a lawsuit against an Amazon seller, Bethesda's push against Playstation for cross play, Denis Villeneuve doing a Dune remake and GameDave's excellent video on EMUParadise. Dustin played the Flashback sequel Fade to Black and Y's IV while Scott played more Dead Cells and gushes about BitHead1000. Enjoy!

Let's Have a Total Recall - Episode 276

This week the news was light so we learned about retro games! Some of the topics we cover are Nathan Drake not really taking bullet damage, Super Battletoads was an unreleased but 100% finished Gameboy game, the Sharp vs Nintendo patent over the name Famicom/Famicon, a Gameboy compatible sewing machine and an interview about the Atari VCS going wrong. This week we  Dustin played some Ys III, and Dracula: Crazy Vampire. Scott played a little more DOOM 2016. Enjoy!

Brick o Blocks?!? - Episode 117

Brick o Blocks?!? - Episode 117

Where is Gooch? He was missed this week but Scott and Dustin were still able to bring together a great show. Scott talks about Halloween, Shadow of Mordor, Pier Solar, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and some Gauntlett. Dustin has been finishing up his 31 Game of Holloween and been playing some rare retro games, Earthbound and Retro Game Challenge. Enjoy! 

Grape-Nuts & Budweiser - Episode 113

Grape-Nuts & Budweiser - Episode 113

This week we discuss our hopes for E3 and our impressions of Transistor. Josh did a Warrior Dash and is committed to Wildstar. Dustin is back to school and playing a ton of PS4. Scott is disappointed with his friends Star Wars music knowledge and has been playing a lot of retro games. We also talk about Mario Kart 8,  Forza Horizon 2, Halo 5 and more! 

Episode 103 - We Won't Ever Use DRM

Episode 103 - We Won't Ever Use DRM

This is our E3 2013 Wrap Up show! Dustin, Josh and Scott talk about the good and the bad from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. We got a great email from Kevin at the Dustin gets a helluva father's day gift. Josh explains how to reset your router with an anatomy lesson. Josh and Scott do their best to fill Dustin in on WWDC. We've been playing a ton of games lately including, Luigi's Mansion, Alan Wake, Dragon Age 2, Call of Juarez, State of Decay, Metro: Last Light, Star Command, Marvel Heroes and more!

Episode 102 - One? Are You Going Backwards?

Episode 102 - One? Are You Going Backwards?

This week Dustin and Scott talk about things they think are overrated and Josh explains why he didn't become a doctor. We give our thoughts on the Xbox One, our impressions of Call of Juaraez: Gunslinger, Metro: Last Light, and Sleeping Dogs. We try explaining why Diablo 3 is fun again -  you should just play it if you haven't in awhile.

Episode 99 - Google Zerg Rush

It took two and a half hours to talk about games this week!

Episode 95 - Men Drink Pink Lemonade?

This week we try a new production style, which leads Gooch losing a toe, Scott dropping F-bombs over trains, and Dustin being surprisingly aggressive with solutions for dealing with judgmental people. BiffMcSkylark brings us a great news segment again, we talk about D3, DJ Cutman, fanboys (even our own fanboy-isms). We had a great time this week.  Enjoy!


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