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Cosmic Intruders - Episode 138

Cosmic Intruders - Episode 138

We discuss Bloodborne at length, Mario Kart 200cc, Neo Geo Pocket, Mega Man 2, 4, and 9, Batman Arkham Knight's PC requirements, Konami, Silent Hills being canceled, Might No. 9, Just Cause 3, Valve's Paid Mod fiasco and more!

Episode 95 - Men Drink Pink Lemonade?

This week we try a new production style, which leads Gooch losing a toe, Scott dropping F-bombs over trains, and Dustin being surprisingly aggressive with solutions for dealing with judgmental people. BiffMcSkylark brings us a great news segment again, we talk about D3, DJ Cutman, fanboys (even our own fanboy-isms). We had a great time this week.  Enjoy!


Get the Triforce of Bass

Triforce of Bass on Destructoid

Mega Man Bread Crumbs

Castle Crashers on PC

Devil May Cry has Vergil

PS1 on Vita = Awesome News!

Ouya Kickstarter hits $8.5 Million


Intro - 

Ben Landis - Through the Forest

Outro - 

Outtakes and DJ Cutman

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