Cosmic Intruders - Episode 138

Cosmic Intruders - Episode 138

We discuss Bloodborne at length, Mario Kart 200cc, Neo Geo Pocket, Mega Man 2, 4, and 9, Batman Arkham Knight's PC requirements, Konami, Silent Hills being canceled, Might No. 9, Just Cause 3, Valve's Paid Mod fiasco and more!

Mario Coin Doubler - Episode 133

Dustin, Josh and Scott talk about Nintendo going mobile, Rory McIlroy taking over for Tiger Woods, Chrono Trigger turning 20, and our thoughts on the Pixel Movie trailer. Dustin has beat The Last of Us several times, Josh dives into the FF XV demo, and Scott is loving Ori and the Blind Forest. Enjoy!

Episode 77 - Hills are alive with Bankruptcy

Gooch is a Zelda chronologicalist, ha who knew? We talk about gaming resolutions for 2012. Dustin has over 100 hours in Skyrim, so what news could he have for us... well it left Scott baffled. There's a review of Duke Nukem Forever on the 360 sprinkled in, some great listeners comments, and you are commanded to pre-order Xenoblade.  

Question of the week:

Do you have any gaming resolutions for 2012?


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