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The Cool Mac Guy - Episode 205

This week Dustin and Scott get right into gaming news. We chat about the Genesis being back in production, Diablo 1 coming to Diablo 3 as a patch, the New 3DS will be $99 on Black Friday, and a kickstarter for a new Sega Genesis game called Coffee Crisis and much more! Some of the games in this episode are Knuckles Chaotix, Shadow Squadron, Owlboy, Lion King and more! Enjoy!

Episode 93 - DuckTales Is The Answer

Gaming on Batteries Launches! Gooch is going broke with the Steam sales while Scott and Dustin are holding onto their cash. We have a news segment provided by BiffMcSkylark! Dustin teaches Scott a lot about Resident Evil 1&2, Josh can’t stop playing Tony Hawk HD, and Scott is playing a lot of 3DS… plus more!

What is an old-school platformer you’d like to see brought to the current generation?


Gaming on Batteries

A 3rd PAX in Texas?

The Devil May CryReboot

The Verge and The Ouya

38 Studios



Intro -

Ben Landis - Through the Forest

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Richie Branson ft MegaRan - Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis

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