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Presidential Gundam - Episode 296

Presidential Gundam - Episode 296

This week Dustin beat a game for the second week in a row while Scott discovered Harmy's Despecialized Star Wars. In the news we talk the full TurboGrafx 16 Mini lineup, PS5 Patent details VR Headset, a new Switch Model improving battery life, Gamestop will have physical copies of Metal Wolf Chaos XD, Detective Pikachu usurps Warcraft and Yuzo Koshiro finally confirmed for Streets of Rage 4. Dustin played Silent Hill 2 and Scott played Blazing Chrome. Enjoy!

Episode 93 - DuckTales Is The Answer

Gaming on Batteries Launches! Gooch is going broke with the Steam sales while Scott and Dustin are holding onto their cash. We have a news segment provided by BiffMcSkylark! Dustin teaches Scott a lot about Resident Evil 1&2, Josh can’t stop playing Tony Hawk HD, and Scott is playing a lot of 3DS… plus more!

What is an old-school platformer you’d like to see brought to the current generation?


Gaming on Batteries

A 3rd PAX in Texas?

The Devil May CryReboot

The Verge and The Ouya

38 Studios



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Ben Landis - Through the Forest

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Richie Branson ft MegaRan - Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis

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