Mining Kodak Moments - Episode 265

This week Dustin says Scott should use the wolf in Contra Hard Corps. Some of the news discussed includes Burnout Paradise Remastered, System Shock Kickstarter on hiatus, Super Hot in March games with gold, Mega Man Legacy 1 & 2 coming to the switch, and Atari gets into cryptocurrency. We talk about Dustin nearly beating Castlevania without dying on stream and Scott tried some Fortnite (and liked it!). Enjoy!


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Some French Slant - Episode 264

New was light but we covered Valve cutting ties with a developer over false positive reviews, Sypro remake being reported by Gamespot and Dead Space is currently free on EA Origin. Dustin has been playing a few different versions of Casltvania and Scott has been into Hearthstone, Mike Dies and Golf Story. New was light but we covered Valve cutting ties with a developer over false positive reviews, Sypro remake being reported by Gamespot and Dead Space is currently free on EA Origin. Dustin has been playing a few different versions of Casltvania and Scott has been into Hearthstone, Mike Dies and Golf Story. Enjoy!

Ronni's Hot Wing Joint - Episode 263

We are back this week is the episode is dedicated to difficult platformers! News this discus includes Gaming Historian's Tetris Documentary, Red Dead Redemption coming in October, Switch online services coming in September, Mario Kart coming to mobile, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego made in Imgur, Todd Rogers' caught cheating after 30 years, Billy Mitchel accused of using emulator for world records, Microsoft Game pass getting first party games day one, indie game Fossil Hunter from Reptoid Games, and Analogue's Super NT. Games we've played include a few Castlevanias, Celeste and Super Meat Boy. Enjoy!

A Hippie Perspective - Episode 262

This week we've got Dustin, Scott and Josh talk about the Nintendo Power issues featuring the Virtual Boy. Some of the new we cover are Nintendo Labo, Minnesota Vikings miracle recreated in Techmo Bowl, Awesome Games done quick raises over $2 million again, mini Nintendo Direct games, YouTube Creators Program change, the return of Fable and more! Games we've been playing include a lot of Castlevania, Mount Your Friends, Emily is Away, and Duck Hunt. Enjoy!

Filthy Filthy Keyboards - Episode 261

This week Dustin started taking classes on PowerShell Scripting for work and Scott sold his PlayStation VR to get a guitar amp. In the news we cover The Witcher 3 outselling most games in 2017, Rogue Legacy Devs (Cellar Door) working on new game, Razor Linda project, hopes for NVidia GeForce Now, Game console market up for first time in 11 years in Japan, EA's "dynamic difficulty adjustment" being used to entice players to spend more, Game Gear 3D printed carts, Gameboy by Hyperkin, a *beep* from Cyberpunk 2077. Games we discuss are I am Setsuna, Castlevania Chronicles, Samus Returns and more!

Kill Them With Flexing - Episode 260

This week Dustin can play vinyl, Scott sold his PS VR and DB forgot his PIN! Some of the gaming news discusses includes the Xbox One Kinect adapter officially discontinued, Nintendo removes Golf from Switch firmware, HD Retrovision's PlayStation adapter journey, Sonic mod in Breath of the Wild, Owlboy getting physical releases and Nintendo delayed the 64GB cart. Some of the games we played are Super Castlevania 4, Popful Mail, Wind Waker, I am Setsuna, Danmaku Unlimited 3, Sonic Forces, Castlevania Chronicles, Tiny Barbarian, Samus Returns, Emily is Away Too, and Mass Effect Andromeda. Enjoy!

We're Having a Simon - Episode 259

It's the week before Christmas and we finish the year with some voting on the Retro Gaming Awards from The Retro League. In news we chat about the return of Nintendo Power, a very mature CS:GO team, speedrunning three Final Fantasy games at once, and Amazontube. Games we cover include Wind Waker, Mighty Gunvolt Burst, and Cuphead. 

Framerate Fun Fridays - Episode 258

The three of us are back on track talking about retro games, movies and this week's news. Some of the topics we discuss are Game Awards, a funny Ubisoft account hack story, Death Stranding trailer, VirtuaVerse cyberpunk game, a return of our Not The Onion segment, Ready Player One's trailer, Soul Calibur 6 is announced and Nintendo has sold 10 million units in the first 9 months. Some of the games we chat about are Breath of the Wild, Little Nemo, Kung Fu and more. Enjoy!

Saturday Night Dodgeball - Episode 257

This week Dustin, Scott and Josh chat about Mega Man 11, a Twitch streamer broadcasting UFC, Wii games coming to Nvidia Shield in China, Super Mario Cereal and the Hawaiian Legislator's 21-year age restrictions proposal for loot box games. Games we have been playing are Raiden V, Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, Creepy Brawlers, Mummy DeMastered, Lee Travino's Fighting Golf, Little Nemo The Dream Master, and PS2 discs with PCSX2. Enjoy!

You'd be like Zero Cool - Episode 256

This week Dustin talks about cataloging his entire gaming collection... the numbers are staggering! In news we thank EA for getting Hawaiian lawmakers to look into loot boxes, a Cuphead dedicated arcade cabinet, Rampage movie trailer, Mom vs Fornite (we got a couple of things to correct in the next episode but we get it mostly right thanks to chat), PUBG coming to mobile and a first look at the new TMNT arcade beat em up from John's Arcade on YouTube. We played Secrets of Evermore, Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda BOTW, Titanfall 2 and Rocket League on the Switch.